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Bluebell walks within 10 miles

5 woodland walks for you to enjoy using OS marked paths. Note - reasonable fitness is needed for all these walk locations:

Harrow Way [Overton]

Popham Village

Blackwood Forest [nr East Stratton]

Micheldever & Itchen Woods

Woods nr Dummer Grange Farm, Axford Road

There is also this link to Google Maps which shows the start points to the further afield walks places. Use this link to find the start points for all these further afield walks.

The start points are ‘pinned’ for each of these walks and listed on the LHS is the list of walks. Click on the walk you are interested in for start point location & journey directions. For these further afield walks, no specific route is given so do take an OS map with you to ensure you stick to the footpaths and dont get lost! Details below, section 3 which will help you decide how far and which footpath you want to take. Follow these instructions to use the What3Words App to find the start point.

1. Open the What3Words App on a mobile device or website

2. Type in the 3 word code (3 words separated by a dot, ".")

3. Press "Navigate" to navigate to the precise location through either the in-app compass, or through your mobile's map app (Google Maps or Apple Maps).

example is the Micheldever Woods car park location has the 3 words: ‘helped.keep.bandstand’

Walk 9: Harrow Way [Overton]

The bluebells intermingled along Harrow Way with many primroses and white wood anemones. This path is a delight all year round and its good draining chalk surface make it an ideal walk during winter when most paths are laggy with the heavy clay soil. There is a RH loop you can do down marked as ‘Jacks Lane’ which [depending on walk pace] can make it a 2 hour walk.

This path is popular for off road cyclists and motor-cross bikes so there are some lovely winding paths along two sections.


-    do turn back before you get tired, as once you start on the return you are only halfway back to your car!

-    the parking lay-by is isolated so avoid leaving valuables in clear sight.


Walk 10: Blackwood Forest [nr East Stratton]

This woodland is owned by the Forestry England [Forestry Commission] and part of their Forest Holidays Centres. At the car park look out for the path guide map to locate it. Many pathways have been multi-surfaced making this an ideal spot for young families and older children as the surfaces are good for bikes and buggies.

To Note!

- As the woods are large and, if you only want to walk for 45+ mins, then head out on the north directional paths ways as that is where most of the bluebells are.

-    Most of the forest is beechwood, so a stunning place to also visit in the autumn.

 - Drive down to the central cafe to park if with a young family. The cafe is designed as a child-friendly place, complete with small play area and bug hotel, etc.…

-    In non-Covid times does many educational courses, bike hire, etc.….,

-    These woods are large… it takes nearly 2 hours at a fairly brisk pace to walk the perimeter.


Walk 11: Micheldever & Itchen Woods

This is another Forestry England wood, so again there is good information at the car park for pathway routes. As for Backwood Forest there are many route distance options, some children friendly features, but no cafe.


Walk 12: Popham Village

There are many interlinking walks here, one of which will join up with Walk 13 on the Axford Road near Dummer Grange Farm.

There are some stunning views on this walk, but do be aware that there are many pheasant wood areas and Christmas tree plantations so there are several tracks which are private. Do check with your OS map to make sure you stay on the public pathways.

To Note!

-    please take care when parking up your car at the start point - there is not much room and ensure you are not parking on private property.


Walk 13: Woods nr Dummer Grange Farm, Axford Road

as for above, including the start point parking, in that the lay-by is rather small. Once you reach the farm you have gone too far and need to turn around.

To Note!

-    all the tracks are private land so please don’t leave your car parked along the edge of these driveways / tracks… however tempting!