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Bluebell walks in Oakley

Bluebell Walk directly from Oakley - 4 woods for you to enjoy:

•   Well’s & Pardown Copses

•   Bull’s Bushes Copse [long or short options as per map 2]

•   South Wood [long or short options as per map 3]

•   St John’s Copse


Walk 1 / Map 1: Wells’ Copse and Pardown Woods (Circular)

Start Point: St John’s Car Park [what3words ‘elated.sleepless.sigh’]

Distance: 2.8 miles

Age / Fitness Suitability The surfaced multi-path will take you down to Wells Copse so suitable for those who would prefer a firmer surface and short walk [3/4 mile approx.] for a single wood visit to Wells Copse.

To Note:

-    please stay on the footpath and do avoid being tempted to meander into the woods where there are a few ‘un-official’ pathways created during Covid restrictions as this will aggravate damage to the bluebell plants.

-    if you would prefer to avoid the circular return back through Oakley then just turn around and return the way you came at Pardown Wood

Walk 2 / Map 2: Bull’s Bushes Copse

Long or short options as per map 2

Start Point:

•   single, short meander 0.5 mile approx.: Bull’s Bushes [what3words ‘variety.centrally.haven’]

•   combined with Wells Copse, Pardown Wood Loop: St John’s CarPark [What3Words ‘elated.sleepless.sigh’]

Distance: 4.3 miles for all three woods: Wells Copse - Pardown - Bull’s Bushes

Age / Fitness Suitability: single walk suitable for those who want a short woodland meander, but note it can be muddy if wet so wear suitable footwear.

To Note: Bull’s Bushes are privately owned woods so please stay on the footpath and keep away from the bike jump course area [used with special permission by a local bike club].

Walk 3 / Map 3: South Wood

Long or short options as per map 3

Start Point: what3words ‘cluttered.cooked.departure’

Distance: full circular walk is 4.3 miles or, for a shorter 1/2 mile walk, return once at brow of hill, at wood corner. The distance can be extended if you choose to deviate via the footpath through Bull’s Bushes where a lovely bluebell carpet can be enjoyed either side.

Age / Fitness Suitability: reasonable fitness as involves an ascent and descent.

To Note:

-    South Wood is an active pheasant wood managed by a local gamekeeper and pheasant chick rearing pens are currently being set up on the LHS adjacent field. Please ensure that your dog is under control at all times, ensuring your dog does not go into the wood.

-    The bluebell carpet along the RHS of South Wood is stunning, but please don’t be tempted to enter the woods to take photos as you will damage the bluebell plants and will be trespassing! [see also note about gamekeeper!!]

Walk 4: St John’s Copse:

no map necessary

Start Point: RG23 7JN

Distance: short meander

Age Suitability: all

To Note: dogs must be on the lead at all times

Additional Information: this wood is owned by Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council and managed by the Oakley Woodlands Group.

Oakley Woodlands Group is an active conservation group working to maintain Cowdown and St Johns copses as community woodlands. Details are:

contact: 01256 359837 / [email protected]