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Sporting partnerships and support locally

By Basingstoke Sports Council Oakley Community Association

Sunday, 5 December 2021


Basingstoke Sports Council


Basingstoke Voluntary Sports Council have been in existance for over 30 years interacting with or supporting the vibrant sporting community of our borough. The core committee has excellent representatives from various sports and links with the Borough Council, Energise Me, School Sports Co-ordinator, local facility and other sporting representatives. Our Objectives and Priorities are identified on our website and all targetted at assisting the Sporting Community of Basingstoke & Deane. We are currently linked to various Sport and Health initiatives, have links with Energise Me plus local Basingstoke & Deane Community projects and School Sports Co-Ordinator etc. Our AGM has been postponed to Spring 2022 but if there is any requirement for topic related forums, please get in touch. Please also let us know what initiatives your organisation are working on and anything you need promoting.

Note that to continue we need two way communication and interaction with local Leagues and clubs plus their support which could be greatly improved. With resources at the Borough Council reduced for supporting local leagues and clubs it is more than sensible for us all work together so please liaise with your committees and members to ensure this for 2022 ! Please circulate this newsletter to colleagues.

Interaction with our sporting Community

To ensure awareness of local sporting activities and requirements we have had face to face discussions over the past year with Basingstoke Gymnastics Club, Rugby Club, Community Football Club, Volleyball Club, North Hants Cricket Club, Bowls Club and Totally Tennis etc. Also regular interaction with a range of other clubs with various now sharing their updates to the Sports Council facebook page. It is hoped that this will continue and improve to the benefit of our great Basingstoke & Deane sporting community. Known sports clubs are listed on our website but if anyone knows of additional not included, please let us know.

Sports & Physical Activity Alliance

Basingstoke Sports Council represents the local leagues and clubs on the local Sport & Physical Activity Alliance who in turn feed into the B&D Health and Wellbeing Partnership. (Both groups still under current review by BDBC) If any clubs or leagues have anything they wish raised or any related query, please get in touch.

Contact Information

Basingstoke Sports Council

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