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Oakley Stitchers and our Knitted Knockers

By Caroline Armitage Oakley Community Association

Friday, 18 June 2021


Oakley Community Association Contributor


For those who have not met us before…In 2020 Oakley stitchers arrived in the local area supporting the difficulties that arose for our fantastic front line services due to COVID, during the first lockdown. Production lines shut, fear and an increased need for washable workwear, safe and comfortable items to protect from the PPE increased leaving a massive gap.

Along with many other organisations across the UK, Oakley Stitchers, armed with an amazing group of over 100 volunteer ladies and Gents, stepped up to make a difference.

We provided 1000’s of items during this period, including scrubs, Washbags, scrub hats, ear savers ….etc…,to help front line staff during this time both locally and accross the UK.

We were approached by a Cancer specialist nurse who told us about ladies who were struggling with their prosthetics after mastectomy. She told us of an organisation that provided knitted knockers as an alternative. We researched and found Knitted in the USA. We contacted the founder, Barb and the team and became affiliated to their organisation, enabling us to provide our beautiful knockers to ladies throughout the UK under their umbrella.

Knitted Knockers are a knitted alternative to a silicone formed prosthetic. Every lady that we provide knockers to, has had a totally individual experience/result from their surgery and therefore our knockers are made to be bespoke and work with every profile possible.

Our ‘day 2 day’ knockers are made with 100% cotton, wool to prevent irritation to sensitive or mending skin. They are stuffed with hyper-allergenic stuffing to ensure they are as comfortable as possible. The knockers are themselves very light and airy providing a kind and comfortable experience. Feedback we have had from ladies has been very positive. We even receive requests from ladies retiring their old knockers!

For swimmers or ladies who exercise, we also provide our Aquaknockers. These are a little different as they are made from an acrylic wool which is happier getting wet/ being washed more frequently than the ‘cotton wool’ we use for the ‘day 2 day’ knockers. They are also stuffed with a netting to make sure they don’t act as a brick and dry quickly.

All Oakley Stitchers are vigilant and make every effort to reduce any risk during COVID, all Knockers and other items are not sent for 72 hours after being made, they are also contained in a dated quarantine bag for added reassurance, however this does not override any guidance from medical teams.

In 2001 alone we have now provided over 100 sets of knockers to ladies all over the UK and as far as the Channel Islands.

We support and provide items to Basingstoke, Basildon and QE2 Breast cancer departments with drain bags, PICC line covers, comfort pillows and knitted turban hats, supporting patients on their journeys.

As a not for profit group we provide our items Free to those who need them with the help of donations from our community, we received a grant from the fantastic Four Lanes Trust, money raised from the sales of masks and other fundraising activities such as community stalls….

Please visit and support us:

  • Sat 26th June outside 53 Hunters close, 11am – 5pm when we take part in Oakley’s front garden stalls.
  • Sat 24th July at Christ Church, Chineham 10-6 (weather permitting)
  • Sun 25th July at Sherfield Community park 10-6

Where to find or contact us, get support or support us with a donation

The Pink/Blue place which is a cancer support network based in Basingstoke for men and ladies on a cancer journey.

To request knockers please contact us @ [email protected]

Visit our website to see more of what we offer and to find out how to donate @

Find Oakley Stitchers on paypal to support us with a donation

Facebook @oakleystitchersinfo

Contact Information

Caroline Armitage

Registered charity number 1165256

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